How to build aquaponics for a happy healthy lifestyle

Have you heard about Aquaponics? It’s one of the best ways that you can grow your own food.

Sometimes I feel the need that I want to create something with my own hands. It can be considered a curse when you are working on a computer because there’s nothing to show. Yeah I made a fancy something program but you can’t lift it or touch it.

The idea was cool creating a self-sustaining environment which feeds you and your family with ease. This was the project I set up to do. At first glimpse it’s easy but as soon as you get down to the nitty gritty you will discover some problems. That’s why you need a helping hand which I will cover a bit further down the line.

First of all what is aquaponics? In short is the upgraded version of hydroponics. Hydroponics is growing vegetables without soil and with only water and nutrients. As I mentioned earlier Aquaponics is a much more developed version of Hydroponics.

In this new system fish are added into the whole plan. So this is how it works. You feed the fish, they produce waste which is pumped to the plants. The plants are fed by the waste, they also clean the water. The cleansed waters is then transported back to the fishes.

What do I need in theory for an aquaponics system?

You will need a tank in which you keep your fish. Fish of course with their waste you are nurturing your plants. You will need another container in which you keep you plants. This container can be a wide pvc pipe or a plastic box you name it. You will also a need a pump which regulates the flow of water.

The pump will push the water from the fish to the plants. After that the purified water is returned to the fish.

If you really want to go off the grid. You can buy small fishes which grow later and you can eat them this will be a great treat next to the vegetables that you are growing.

After the system is built it’s pretty much self-reliable. The only input that it needs is feeding the fish regularly and also the pump has to work properly.

How efficient is and aquanopics system?

It actually comes down on how big you design it. Here are the major benefits that you get if you build your very own aquaponics system:

  • You can cultivate on small surfaces (indoors even)
  • You use 90% less water than traditional methods
  • The plants will grow faster
  • You will be eating healthy and jummy food grown by your hands
  • You will get one step closer to green living

Can you be off the grid completely with aquaponics?

In theory yes. What you need is either a mechanical pump which uses gravity to circulate the water or solar / wind power to power the electric pump.

The thing is the more you try to get off the grid the more money you have to put into it. Even so in the long run it is still worth it.


Why is aquaponics a better solution than the grocery store?

Have looked at the fruits and vegetables that you are buying nowadays? No really have you looked at them closely.

They look all the same and most of them have no taste what so ever. They look perfect shiny and everything. And this is when you ask yourself isn’t this all to perfect and convenient.

What does it take to achieve this type of perfection? Well nothing much just a bit of gene manipulations and a lot of chemicals and artificial growth products.

It is not as bad but we are absolutely clueless about the side effects that it might have on us and our kids.

This is the main reason why aquaponics is a way better solution. Sure there some upfront costs and it takes time until the plants grow but you know what you are eating.


Here’s a question for you, when was the last time that you have tasted actual tomatoes? When you were at the farmer’s market? But we can’t really go there too often because of their prices.

If you can give up some of you comfort then you will be able to build and enjoy your aquaponics system. Guess what no more gardening or heavy labor which is usually associated with planting and harvesting.


I don’t really remember where I heard about this new way of gardening. But it gave me a vision of going in my self-sustaining garden every morning and picking up the vegetables that I want to eat. I bet that you would like to share the same vision as well.

This is what I’ve done went on the internet and started searching and trying out things. And of course the internet is useful but there’s a lot of bad or incomplete information out there. My first couple of tries ended up in disaster (I hope kids are not reading this because the fish died). Because of simple mistakes that I made.

I’ve invested time and money into this and I had nothing to show for. My frustration started to grow. By random luck I’ve found John Fay who’s an expert in Aquaponics. He knows the ins and outs of setup and everything to it.

Thanks to him aquaponics has been made easy. If you have no technical knowledge you shouldn’t be afraid of it because everything is done in simple and easy to understand steps. Best of all he takes out all the guesswork associated with building a system like this.

So do go on his websites and see how fast you can build your very own aquaponics rig.

What I forgot to mention earlier is that with the help of aquaponics:

  • The plants will grow 50-100% faster than in the soil
  • You can grow 10 times more food on the same amount of space
  • Small house friendly

Head over to John’s site and see what kind of cool tricks he has up his sleeve.